11 set 2013

bamboom review

we don’t have baby showers here in italy but it’s quite common to bring a present to a friend during the pregnancy. one of the presents i received was a couple of bamboom bodysuit. bamboom is a brand that uses organic bamboo fiber for its properties as anti-bacterial, anallergic, absorbs humidity and sweat, it’s as soft as cashmere, uvproof, environmentally friendly, reduces static electricity, biodegradable, screen the infrared. a lot of qualities, right?
some of these qualities are not easily verified, but believe me: it is as soft as cashmere! another important thing is that it’s fully opened in the front, so it is super easy to wear.  and they come with a very cute little bag.
and … it’s made in italy!
thank you giudy for the gift… as you can see i really loved it!

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