26 feb 2012

trip to Chioggia...

fancy boat

fish market

Pellestrina island
 last week i've thought of all the places near where i live that i haven't seen yet. i've travelled a lot but, as always, what it's near and easy to reach it's not interesting enough! Chioggia is our first short-distance trip. it's a small city near venice and very similar to venice but not so crowded. actually, i think it's better: cheaper, cleaner, no tourists, people are very kind and the fish is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! the weather has been perfect, a kind of early spring, and we had fun with zoeti. from chioggia you can take a ferry (first time for zoeti!!!)  to reach pellestrina island, a small fishing village with colorful cottages, and go to Venice.
can't wait to spend another weekend away with my family!

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  1. Nice shots! I love all those fresh fish and the vibe of the fish market. The last photo is beautiful - you look so happy. I don't see how would you could not be, with all that color in the background and pure joy in your lap. ;)

    I really liked it when I went there for the first time a few weeks ago! You are welcome to check out at my blog how Little Venice looks through my lens.

    Have fun and keep blogging!


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