12 feb 2012

to-do list

in a couple of weeks i have to come back to work so i really need a plan of attack!
that's my to-do list for the next 18 days:

# see at least 4 movies that i've bought and never seen ( blow up, the sting, how to steal a million, some marilyn monroe's classic...) - i LOVE watching old movies but during the pregnancy i was always narcoleptic and now... well now i can see movies 1 hour per day, during zoeti's nap....

# end reading the girl who played with fire and the great gatsby -  for the past two years i've bought at least 15 books and now half of them are staring angrily at me, wondering if i remember of them!

# clean the three wardrobes (and this is alone a to-do list!!). that's something that i usually do on spring... but it's better if i do it a little bit in advance this year!

# clean the old barbies for zoeti: she loves dolls, especially with long hair... we used to have two of them on the sides of the tent, in the kitchen, but i convinced my husband that zoeti's room is a more appropriate place...!!

# learn to sew: i have some projects in my mind and i really want them to become real, but i need a sew machine and a teacher... Mom... i need your help!!

ok, there's a looooot to do and i'll be happy even if i'll make just half of them... no, that's not the right attitude barbara! c'mon, roll up your sleeves!!

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