19 mar 2012

new york... we're coming!


a coffee, a cookie and... my new guide of New York! we've bought the ticket last week and we're sooooooo excited! first long trip for zoeti, her first time in USA... and we so wanted to come back soon. we spent there 2 months before my pregnancy, by my brother and sister-in-law and we love that - the! - city! it's our 5th trip there so i need to find out something new to see and to live. that's why i bought this guide -New York itinerari d'autore (only in italian or french) with some new paths: ny in the movies, arty, spirit, green and bio, from one riverside to the other, babel ny... i've probably already seen some spots but seeing them in a particular contest make the difference.
during our last trip i took a map, a simple one, the one that the information point give you for free, and i marked all the shops, restaurant, music club that worth it. i bought the book "the best things to do in new york" and i got a lot of ideas and suggestions from there.
ah... i hope this month will fly away soon!

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