30 gen 2012


the last weekend i really really wanted to go somewhere but... we're lazy as always so we spent the sunday in the neighborhood. saturday we spent the morning in the swimming pool with zoeti (as always): she really is something in the water! it's her element - no doubt! she already moves the feet and the arms as a real swimmer and she not afraid when she drink some water! she's my girl!!
and the afternoon... it was all about cleaning :(
i love my house but when it's time to clean i'd prefer to live in a hotel!

sunday we had a late breakfast (almost a brunch!) and we walked around the city centre. the weather was beautiful and this is one of the most amazing winter that i remember!

and we had fun taking pictures!
for lunch we had a d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s leek soup

 i decided to make some muffins with bananas and chocolate! what's more perfect with a tea for an afternoon break?

zoeti had a snack too, with some yogurt... she loved that!

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