13 ott 2011

ladies & gentlemen...

hi everyone! i'm barbara and ... i'm a new mother! i simply love being in this adventure even if sometimes it's very hard, so maybe writing about that will make everything easier! english is not my mother language but it happens that i think more clearly in this language so... maybe it could help to improve the language, who knows?
anyway, i'm spending some time looking for blog and websites about baby fashion or handmade stuff, or just beautiful things to do and realize and now i want to create something on my own. this is a great moment and a great chance for me to slow down a little bit from work, spending time with my baby and trying to focus on me as well.
i think that everybody needs to create something, to be creative in one level. i love taking pictures (and my daughter is obviously my best subject) and i just started a ceramic course.
let's see!

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